21 de fev. de 2017

Interesting Categories in Stylewe.com + JustFashionNow.com !

Hi guys!
Today I'll show you some categories of the Stylewe.com website that I visited recently, and I'm in love! Let's see it below!

Sexy Jumpsuits

I find sexy jumpsuits one of the most chic clothes in the world. When you know the right model who fits in you, who matches with your body, everytime you wear it, you'll look amazing!
I found this one particulary beautiful {I already want one for me !}

Click here to see more details!

How to wear a beanie for guys

I think beanies are the most cool accessories I ever saw in my life. You can use it, regardless of the seasons and weather, and I love to see this philosofy in the streets!

In the Stylewe Blog, we can find one different kind of post, teaching how to wear a beanie for guys, and I found it very interesting, because they thought about the other side of the fashion world: The Male Side!


Another website I found very very interesting is JustFashionNow! It is full of beautiful clothers and accessories, but, the category I loved most is the Cold Shoulder (Off Shoulder) Tops! {link here}.
I aways watched the youtuber girls wearing this types of chothing, and I aways found it amazing! See below, 3 of then, that are already in my dream list!

Click here to see more detais!
Click here to see more details!
Click here to see more details!

Thanks for your time, I see you soon!

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