8 de out. de 2016

My Wishlist from Stylewe.com

Hi People!

Recently I found a website full of beautiful clothes! The name is Stylewe! There I've found hundreds of dreaming clothes, I want to buy everything !!! So, I decided to make a wishlist of my favorite items of clothing, to decide which one I will buy {Or should I buy all of then?}
Particularly, I am crazy for Jackets and Coats, so, see below the ones that are making up my mind!

Wishlist from Stylewe.com

1. Black Floral Embroidered Bomber Jacket
Click here to see the item!
This is a beautiful bomber jacket, look at the details in the back !!!

2. Black Drawcord Floral Hoodie Long Sleeve Coat
Click here to see the item!
I'm in love for this coat, guys!!! Beautiful item! Perfect to hang out, work and travel !

3. Dark Green Casual Plain Bomber Jacket

Click here to see the item!
I always have in my closet casual clothing, because they match with everything I wear!!!
This one is will definitely to complete my wardrobe!

4. Black Hoodie Long Sleeve Pockets H-line Coat

Click here to see the item!
This pockets !!! I love coats with big pockets, I want one of these right now!!!

And, last but not less important, there are 3 links I think you'll love, check it out!

If you like Micro Dresses, check it out here!
If you rather Punk Rave, check it out here!
Don't miss the Thanksgiving Day, choose your present here!

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